Global impact improving mental health

Creating a world-class centre for mental health and brain sciences

Together we will create a world-class centre for mental health and brain sciences — combining the strengths of a globally renowned university, one of the UK’s leading mental health trusts, and one of the world’s outstanding centres for biomedical research.

This centre will drive a new generation of research into the brain and treatments for mental health. We will link the fundamental discoveries happening in brain science to the development of new clinical practices, and do this faster than ever before.

A place of global significance

The world faces substantial and growing mental illness. One in eight people (nearly one billion global citizens) live with a mental health disorder, as recorded in the World Health Organisation’s ‘World Mental Health Report, 2022’.

Oxford has unique capabilities right across brain sciences: this centre will harness these to improve treatments for mental health locally and everywhere.

Attracting the best

We will attract and develop the world’s best clinicians, scientists, and innovators, helping them to work across boundaries. This will create a pipeline of talent and new ideas to benefit the NHS, drive growth of high-value jobs, businesses and the UK economy.

Last reviewed: 5 December, 2023