Project plans

What we have done

  • We submitted a Strategic Outline Case (SOC) to NHS England in July 2023
  • We’ve communicated with our neighbours and will continue to keep them informed
  • Our local MPs know what our plans are
  • Staff are involved in the design and planning of future services for the new hospital
  • We are also working with people with lived experience to ensure the hospital is designed and used for maximum therapeutic benefit

What we are doing

  • There are many steps to take before we can begin the process of building a new hospital
  • Discussions continue with our colleagues in the ICB/S
  • We have signed a Conditional Option Agreement (COA) between the Trust, the Joint Venture and the University of Oxford.  We have also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which describes the ways in which we would like to work with each other

What happens next?

  • In 2024 a team will be preparing a planning application to submit to Oxford City Council
  • We will host a number of visits to the site to show key stakeholders our plans
  • We will keep all staff and public informed of our progress

Last reviewed: 3 January, 2024