Many adults with mental health conditions are currently cared for by Oxford Health’s committed mental health clinicians in 200-year old buildings which are no longer fit for purpose to provide people with the modern clinical facilities they deserve.

Improving outcomes

Photo of a model of the human brain.

At Warneford Park there will be new clinical facilities, pathways, and access to the latest research and development (R&D) will improve mental healthcare and outcomes for local patients.

We will be able to reduce patients’ length of stay and the number of admissions and readmissions. We will provide more personalised therapeutic care and support to make recovery quicker and more sustainable — improving people’s well-being and quality of life.

Transforming treatment

By locating exceptional new University of Oxford-led research students and facilities in the same site as state-of-the-art new mental healthcare facilities, we will be able to develop transformational treatments — benefiting local people who experience poor mental health.

Global reach

We will also make an impact for UK plc — and our world-leading Life Sciences sector.

Warneford Park will be at the heart of a unique new UK Brain Sciences cluster, also incorporating further Oxford University facilities including:

  • Its world-leading genetics and neuroimaging capabilities
  • Research (Big Data Institute, Dementias Platform UK, Alzheimer’s Research UK Oxford Drug Discovery Institute)
  • The Bioescalator — which support start-ups and spin-outs into high growth biotech firms
  • The GlaxoSmithKline Institute of Molecular and Computational Medicine

Nurturing talent

Together with partner universities and NHS trusts across the country, we will increase capacity in the UK for large-scale clinical trials of translational mental health research.

This will help attract much needed further investment into mental health research, including from multi-national pharmaceutical companies.

Together we can improve people’s lives locally, nationally and globally — as new scientific discoveries are turned into new treatments for many mental health conditions.

Last reviewed: 10 January, 2024